Centralized aspiration: what is it?

Centralized aspiration: what is it?

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The concept of centralized vacuuming is based on improving daily life. Based on a system of ducts in walls and floors, the central vacuum is concealed within your home. Easy to use, it gives you autonomy and efficiency. Benoît Simonney, Director General of Industries Trovac Europe, sheds light on the operation and the advantages of this equipment.

Central vacuuming: how does it work?

The principle of central vacuuming is very simple. We keep the "concept" of the vacuum cleaner, but we relocate the motor. Instead of having to drag a heavy, noisy and bulky cart behind you, a central vacuum unit is permanently attached to the wall, in the garage or an annex room of the house or apartment. From this power plant, a network of "special air" pipes is made, hidden in discreet places (cupboards, false ceilings, technical ducts, attics, attics, etc.). These pipes are connected to suction outlets (similar in appearance to a power outlet). In use, the simple fact of plugging a hose (such as the vacuum cleaner hose) into one of the sockets triggers the central vacuum unit and you can start cleaning. The flexible, very flexible and very light, with a length of around 9 meters, can cover around 70 m² of living space. Therefore, 2 to 3 sockets are enough to cover an entire home. Central vacuuming allows for a much more powerful, quieter and cleaner system than any traditional vacuum cleaner. Cyclo Vac is the only brand on the market to be approved and recommended by AFPRAL (French Association for the Prevention of Allergies).

How to install a central vacuum at home?

The installation is very simple. Two solutions are possible. After a technical study by one of our advisers, the customer can install their system themselves (using the video instructions provided). In general even for an uninitiated, the installation is done over a weekend. Turnkey solution, our teams take care of everything, the installation is done in the new, as in the existing, in just one day.

Who is central vacuuming for?

To anyone who owns their home, because there is dust in all the houses. But also stores, schools, nurseries, restaurants: we have a professional range specially designed to meet their needs.

What is the average cost for setting up a central vacuum?

We offer complete equipment (vacuum cleaner and accessories) from € 990 including VAT without installation. The average cost for a central vacuum system installed and ready to use is around € 1,500 including tax.


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