Video: how to recycle your buttons?

Video: how to recycle your buttons?

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Have you found a nice button and would like to wear it again? Are your drawers full of old mismatched knobs? Juliette Delestaing, creator of the brand "In Juliette's drawer", explains how to easily recycle your buttons to give them a second life.

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Make a piece of jewelry with the button

If you want to recycle a metal button, you can use it to make a piece of jewelry. To do this, heat Fimo dough in your hands. Make a ribbon of dough about 2 cm, then cut it into two equal parts. Fold one end of each strip towards the middle of the strip, then assemble the strips by crossing them, so as to form a knot. Place your button in the center of the knot, pressing down enough so that it sticks. If you want to mount your knot as a necklace or earring, insert a metal pick with a loop in the center of the knot, on the height. Bake according to the recommendations specified on the packaging of your polymer clay. When the knot is cooked, you can optionally varnish it. Then put a ring in the loop of the metal pick and pass a chain through it.

Use the collar button

Another method for recycling buttons is to pass a ribbon through the button loops to wear it round the neck. Then just attach the ribbon to the neck to give a second life to a pretty button. Thanks to the advice of Juliette Delestaing, create new jewelry by recycling your old buttons. Watch the video How to recycle your buttons? on Produced by Minute Facile


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