Video: how to fix a clasp?

Video: how to fix a clasp?

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You don't know what to do to be able to wear your favorite bracelet or necklace again, the clasp is broken? Sylvia Grandperrin, creator of the brand "The Crown Jewels", shares her secret to repairing a clasp with the pigtail technique.

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Make the base of the clasp fastening

The first step in repairing a clasp is to prepare the base for the fastener. To do this, take a wire to match the jewel, a vermeil wire for example. For a very fine chain, use six-tenths thread. Cut it at an angle, so as to facilitate the penetration of the wire into the various elements. Using pliers, make a loop in the middle of the wire by twisting the wire to the left or right. Thread this thread in the last stitch of the jewel, so as to occupy the loop. Then grasp each end of the wire with pliers. Twist one of the halves of the wire over the other. Repeat to obtain a pigtail-like effect. Cut off the excess wire.

Complete the clasp repair

With the remaining thread, proceed in the same way as above, first making a loop. Slide the clasp inside this loop, then make a new pigtail. Take care that the two pigtails are on the same axis, for a more aesthetic effect. Cut off the excess wire. If the cut wire extends beyond the pigtail, flatten it using pliers to avoid any risk of injury. Follow Sylvia Grandperrin's tip to repair your clasp in just a few minutes. Watch the video How to repair a mounted necklace or bracelet? on Produced by Minute Facile.


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