Video: how to transform toys into jewelry?

Video: how to transform toys into jewelry?

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If you have old play items in your drawers or your children's drawers, don't throw them away! Alexandra Tanguy, creator of the brand "Mademoiselle Pomme d'amour", explains how to transform toys into original and playful jewelry.

Watch the video :

Prepare a pendant

To transform a small doll shoe into an original piece of jewelry, start by drilling a hole using a thumbtack at the back of the shoe, heel side. Insert a flat tip rod inside this hole, which you pull until the flat tip reaches the shoe. With pliers, cut off the excess stem. Make a loop with the upper, twisting the metal to fold it down to the base of the hole on the shoe. To accessorize the pendant, cut a piece of satin ribbon that you will easily find in haberdashery. Tie a simple knot with the ribbon, then thread it over the metal loop. Then make a nice knot with the ribbon, tighten, then adjust the size of the knot according to your desires. Using a pair of scissors, cut off the excess ribbon.

Mount the pendant

When you have finished the pendant, insert a ring inside the metal loop previously made with the rod. To do this, open the ring slightly, thread it into the loop, then tighten with pliers. Then pass a chain through the ring. Your jewel is now finished! Thanks to the tips of Alexandra Tanguy, recycle old toys to transform them into an original jewel. Watch the video How to transform toys into jewelry? on Produced by Minute Facile.