Waxed concrete: where are we?

Waxed concrete: where are we?

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Fine smoothed mortar, improperly called waxed concrete, is a decorative concrete that made a sensational entry into the house barely twenty years ago. Today we integrate it everywhere, from the kitchen to the bedroom, from floor to ceiling. We love its velvet touch, its urban aspect that fits perfectly with contemporary interiors. Small point on the variations New trend, the advantages and weaknesses of waxed concrete.

To customize without limit

Fine sand, carefully selected cement, natural pigments, resin and additives (additives) are the main components of smooth, fine mortar, a mineral material. It has the advantage of personalizing the interior and the summer kitchen or the outdoor terraces, according to individual tastes. To meet a constantly increasing demand, the designers have created various finishes. Waxed concrete becomes shiny, mat or satin, and comes in a palette of almost sixty colors thanks to the powders of natural pigments. It allows you to create very different effects depending on the installation method, or metallic inlays, drawings, ceramics, multicolored bands or even mosaics. We obtain an absolutely unique trendy decoration, which presents refined contrasts of rare elegance.

Can be placed on all supports

Whether placed in the kitchen or bathroom, on the floor, directly on tiles or on the work surface, waxed concrete has a considerable advantage: the absence of joints. Indeed, used in a new construction or to hide a tile from another time, it allows to obtain a perfectly smooth surface up to date. The smoothed fine mortar can also be laid on a heated floor because it is micro-elastic and follows the expansion of the floor without fail.

Beware of the dosage of waxed concrete

The smoothed fine mortar is used to renovate an old-fashioned house or in a new construction. More and more decoration enthusiasts dare to pose it themselves. This fairly expensive product still requires a few notions of DIY and decoration in order to achieve the desired result. For perfect uniformity, it is not only necessary to use suitable tools such as the American knife, the stainless steel trowel, the sanding paper and the lacquer roller. The success is above all in the precise dosage of the polished concrete, and as in pastry making, it is fundamental to weigh the powder and the water to the nearest gram. Please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Some signs of fragility

After a few years, Waxed concrete may present some microcracks mainly due to thermal variations. Placed in a kitchen, it also undergoes some outrages due to splashes of fat. They permeate it because the smoothed fine mortar is permeable. It is better to avoid installing this type of coating in toilets where bleach is used daily, which is fatal to waxed concrete. Finally, we can blame him for a certain sensitivity to scratches and blows. It is therefore better to think before putting it down in a games room or a place with high traffic. Our practical DIY videos


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