What should you know before installing a stove at home?

What should you know before installing a stove at home?

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Formerly present in a large majority of interiors, the wood stove is making a comeback. Traditional or design, the wood stove has been renewed. It is efficient, economical and ecological. Whether you have a house or an apartment, know that it is possible to install a wood stove. Which model to choose? What should you know before installing a wood stove at home? Here are some answers.

Why choose the wood stove?

Wood stoves can heat a house or an apartment economically and ecologically. Thanks to the wood stove, it is possible to heat quickly and above all very simply a space. At a time when the living rooms include the entrance and often an open kitchen, the wood stove wins hands down its battle against the fireplace. There are different models of wood stoves. These differ in their design, their technology and their type of fuel. Choosing the right wood stove means choosing the most efficient model taking into account your needs, your home and your budget in the short and long term. Be aware that it is possible to obtain financial assistance for the installation of a wood stove. Ask your town hall or the installer who will take charge of your project.

Installing a wood stove

Have you decided to invest in a wood stove? Be aware that before installing your product, you must determine its location. Ideally, the wood stove should be installed in the center of the living room. If you want to install your stove near a wall, there must be enough space around it to allow excellent heat circulation. In addition to the space dedicated to the wood stove, you must provide space for the chimney and the storage of wood. The room that will receive the wood stove must be well ventilated. Indeed, a lack of ventilation impairs the proper functioning of the stove and more particularly the combustion. Lack of air can also be a source of carbon monoxide emissions. It is also mandatory to have one or more openings to the outside. Always for the sake of performance and safety, the wood stove's flue must comply with the regulations in force and be swept twice a year. It is highly recommended to call in a professional for the installation of the wood stove and its flue. Installers can also help you choose the right model and location.

The wood stove in an apartment

It is possible to install a wood stove in an apartment, provided you own it. However, it is imperative to obtain an authorization from the co-ownership for the installation and the choice of the location of the conduit. In apartments, it is all the more recommended to call in professionals. The latter guarantee their installations and can intervene in the event of incidents. All documents related to the maintenance of your wood stove must be communicated to the condominium.

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