Video: sewing: combine fabric and bias

Video: sewing: combine fabric and bias

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Are you looking for a nice finish for one of your tunics? Do you want to bring a touch of originality to a confection by using a bias? Corentine, from Motif personnel, gives you her secrets for choosing the right bias based on your news: 739845 fabric.

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The tone on tone association

If you want to use a bias perfectly suited to your news: 739845 fabric, use the tone-on-tone method. Then associate your actu: 739845 fabric with a bias exactly the same color as the actu: 739845 fabric. Even if the news: 739845 fabric and bias are printed with two different patterns, you can still combine them if the main color of the two pieces is strictly identical.

The association by colored buttons

If you cannot find a bias of the same color as the actu: 739845 fabric or if you do not want to use the tone-on-tone method, you can choose a bias of a different color from that of the actu: 739845 tissue, but which still contains some elements whose color is identical to that of the news: 739845 fabric. For example, the background of the bias can be a different color from that of the actu: 739845 fabric if the bias is decorated with flowers of the same color as the actu: 739845 fabric.

The festive association

For an original and unexpected finish, do not hesitate to associate a news item: 739845 colored fabric with a bias without any similarity to the news item: 739845 fabric: your news item: 739845 fabric will be highlighted in a festive way. For example, use a lamé bias, which will bring light and cheerfulness to your tunic. Follow Corentine's tips for combining bias and news: 739845 fabric according to your style and the desired effect. Watch the Couture video: combine news: 739845 fabric and bias on Produced by Minute Facile.


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