Tableware Grand Prix: it's the final!

Tableware Grand Prix: it's the final!

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The final of the Tableware Grand Prix has arrived! After 7 stages in the region, it's time to designate the most beautiful table in France in the "amateur" and "professional" categories. This year again, I am the godmother of this beautiful competition and I decided to share the event with you on.

The Grand Tableware Prize in figures

For the past 3 years, the Grand Prix des Arts de la Table, it has been no less than 24 regional stages, 3 finals in Paris, nearly 2,500 tables set up and more than 500 tableware products presented. For the fourth year, the participants did not miss the call and the final of November 26, 2013 will allow a qualified jury chaired by the former Miss France Linda Hardy to choose the two most beautiful tables in France. The principle is simple: they will have 30 minutes to set up their tables by leaning on the dishes and the accessories made available. A real challenge!

Follow the final on November 26

There are already more than 700 of you following the Tableware Grand Prix on Facebook, so let's say that this is a subject that interests you! To follow the final, go to the Grand Prix page to go behind the scenes of the D-day event. You can also take the opportunity to discover the tables already set up during the regional stages. And to discover all the tables participating in the final on video, I give you an appointment in December. On the program: decorative tips and lots of inspiration for your next table decor!


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