Sewing video: choosing a patchwork pattern

Sewing video: choosing a patchwork pattern

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You would like to make a patchwork, but you don't really have a precise idea of ​​model? Do you want to make a nice gift for a birth or a housewarming party? With Carole Maxwell, manager of a patchwork boutique, discover different models of patchwork.

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How to choose your patchwork model?

Before making a patchwork, you must first ask yourself a few questions to complete your sewing. Who is the patchwork for? The model and style will be different depending on the location of the patchwork, which can be used as a wall decoration or on a sofa in a living room. What is my level of experience? The patchwork pattern you choose should be workable with your knowledge of patchwork. Choose a simple model if you are a beginner, more complex if you have already made a patchwork.

Different patchwork patterns

To make a child's patchwork, you can simply assemble several news tiles: 739845 fabric. Choose fabrics with childish patterns, puppies for example. For color, you have the choice between pastel shades or more toned colors. If you are more experienced, you can make a plaid with fabrics of copies of old ones, by alternating worked blocks and little worked blocks. You can also make a panel for storing equipment, by inserting pockets and covers. By following the advice of Carole Maxwell, you will surely realize a nice patchwork adapted to your level. Watch the Couture video: choose a patchwork model on Produced by Minute Facile.


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