What wall coverings to choose for good insulation?

What wall coverings to choose for good insulation?

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Good insulation is essential for the living space to be comfortable and healthy. To limit heat loss from the walls, there is today a wide choice of insulating wall coverings. Paint, wallpaper, cork or paneling, the coverings adapt to your decorative desires while insulating your interior.

Stop cold and noise

Current wall coverings are efficient not only thermally but also acoustically. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of the pleasure of killing two birds with one stone. Especially since these new materials are easy to install. No need to be a DIY pro. The manufacturers have taken particular care to optimize the thickness / performance ratio in order to perfectly isolate all the rooms in the house without snacking on the volume of each one. The advantage is that these insulating wall coverings can be used on a new or old support.

Insulating paint

Ecological, interior insulating paint contains little toxic gas. It is an acrylic paint which mainly contains water. It guarantees good thermal insulation avoiding heat loss and also provides good acoustic insulation. Perfect humidity regulator, it limits condensation in rooms.

The cork

Cork is an ideal exceptional material because it constitutes a perfectly thermally insulating wall covering. Thanks to him, no feeling of cold in the house! Moisture resistant, it can just as easily be placed on the walls of the bathroom or kitchen as in any other room. In addition, it guarantees good noise insulation. It is found in slabs, rolls and sheets. Light, easy to install, fire resistant, cork has an extreme longevity. Natural, it is aesthetic and allows to bring a touch of elegance to the interior decoration. Its only flaw is that it is quite expensive.

Wall fiberglass

It is one of the strong points of the current decoration. Fiberglass performs well in terms of insulation. Practical, it allows to hide the defects of a wall without the need to first apply a plaster. It is available in different thicknesses. Its installation is moderately easy: a special glue is necessary to fix it to the wall. The raw version requires a decorative finish unlike the particularly aesthetic pre-painted version.

Paneling in all its forms

Again very trendy, the paneling can be chosen in wood (oak, pine, teak), in PVC or coated (that is to say in agglomerate covered with a melamine coating imitation wood). Whichever version you choose, installing the paneling is quick and easy. The great advantage is that the paneling insulates perfectly on the sound and thermal plan. As for the PVC paneling which is particularly suitable for damp rooms, it is non-flammable, rot-proof and does not deform.

Wallpaper for sound insulation

For sound insulation, the acoustic wallpaper is available in many patterns and colors. It is made of PVC and its thickness less than 4 mm perfectly hides the defects of the support wall. It involves the use of a special glue because it is heavier than conventional wallpaper. Our practical DIY videos


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