Staying warm overnight: instructions for use

Staying warm overnight: instructions for use

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To sleep well, it is imperative to feel warm! And for that, no need to mount the heating because the ideal temperature of a room is only 16 °. It is therefore on your bed that you will have to count to bring you the heat necessary for a good night. Here are some tips to help you.

Choose cozy bed linen

First of all, you should know that synthetic materials retain heat less well than natural materials. We therefore prefer cotton or linen bed linen for more comfort. In addition, you can opt for a feather or wool duvet which will ensure you a very soft bed to spend the night warm.

Play with layers

If you are rather chilly, the trick to get warm is to multiply the layers! So, do not settle for your duvet cover as warm as it is, and do not hesitate to add a quilt at the end of the bed or even a plaid or a faux fur bedspread which will allow you to add a thickness and isolate yourself from the cold. In terms of decoration, faux fur and wool are the stars of winter. These materials will give a bonus a warm feeling to your room.

Warm the bed

Finally, to avoid the drama of the bedtime where the bed is frozen, think of the tricks of grandmothers! For a very warm place when it's time to sleep, we think of sliding a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed. It will diffuse heat even before your arrival. The good news is that we find very pretty models in faux fur or cuddly toy. Our practical adult room videos


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