Knitting creation video: making a brooch

Knitting creation video: making a brooch

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Tired of jewelry without soul or fantasy? Marion Autet, animator at Tricoti Tricota, invites you to embark on the creation of a very pretty knitted brooch, which will light up all your outfits.

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Creation of a knitted brooch: preparing the material

In order to create a knitted brooch, you first need to make a base… in knitting! To do this, take your mechanical knitting, choose a color, and form a few rows for your future brooch. To get enough material to work, turn for almost two minutes, to get about 70 cm of knitting which will allow you to form your flower.

Creation of a knitted brooch: flower formation

The motif chosen for this knitted brooch is a flower. Take your knitting previously created, and pass a thread to it using a needle. Start forming the largest petals by making five or six loops. Then pass the needle through the heart of the flower, and tighten to obtain the first row of your knitting brooch. Repeat to form smaller petals. Symbolize the heart of the flower by sewing a button in the center. To do this, pass your thread below twice, then stop it behind. Finally, cut the unsightly wire, and glue, using a news glue: 739845 fabric, the pin holder. In a few minutes, you get a unique brooch that will surely be the envy of all your friends. Thank you, Marion! Watch the video Creation knitting: making a brooch on Produced by Minute Facile.