What can you put on a tiled worktop to restyling it?

What can you put on a tiled worktop to restyling it?

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What is it possible to put on a tiled worktop to restore it? It's a good question ! We help you see more clearly to renovate your kitchen tiles without breaking everything! There are several solutions for restyling a tiled worktop. A finishing resin or tile paint will allow you to completely revamp your plate without major work and at low cost. If you are ready for more engaging work, you can change the color of the varnish on your plate after having sanded the varnish in place. The laying of thin waxed concrete, covering the tiles, can also be considered. It is also possible to install an aluminum or decorative glass plate to restylate your worktop.


Resin will be a good way to renovate your tiled worktop. Commercially, you will find products - like those of the brand Resinence - easy to apply yourself. Always follow the application instructions and respect the drying times! The advantages of this type of product: * No need for an undercoat with the resin * The resin will make your worktop waterproof and waterproof - and suddenly, your worktop will be easy to maintain! Be careful however: * The resin is sensitive to high temperatures, too intense heat may deform the resin. Take out your trivets and everything should be fine.
Thanks to the mineral concrete product of Résinence, this work plan clearly changes its look!

Waxed concrete

Waxed concrete is very trendy. But beyond that, waxed concrete can be the solution to revamp your kitchen worktop. Note: waxed concrete is easier to apply on a work surface than on walls or floors. How to proceed ? * Use a flexible trowel or a painter's knife, as desired * Apply a primer so that the concrete adheres well * Apply three coats of plaster for a well-resistant work surface * At concrete tower: mix according to the instructions for your product * Spread a layer of about 1 millimeter thick * Wait until the product is dry to the touch then apply a damp sponge * Spread a second layer of concrete of the same way * When the plaster is perfectly dry, it's time to sand it down with a fine grain to smooth your new work surface * Finish by applying a protective product to your beautiful concrete
Waxed concrete has its effect on a work surface!

The painting

You can also use paint to renovate your worktop tiles. The result will be more fragile than with the above solutions. However, it is an inexpensive and easy solution without being a seasoned handyman. Finally, if none of these solutions suit you, why not replace the tiles on your plate with new tiles? Our practical cooking videos