The dishes play the card of originality

The dishes play the card of originality

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We like white porcelain tableware because it is timeless and full of elegance. It is also essential when the table decoration is sufficiently loaded. But we can set our sights on original dishes with very trendy shapes. Plates with patterns are to be tested on the festive table provided you choose an ultra light decoration to avoid too much! It is in any case very pleasant to have several services in order to have a particular tableware for each occasion.

Get in shape!

Plain dishes can also play the card of originality when the shape of plates, dishes and salad bowls has character. Specialists in Tableware today offer a variety of interesting shapes that allow you to create a refined table. Square dishes with or without edges are a classic that we always like to bring out for special occasions. Black and copper are particularly suitable for an urban chic decor, and to avoid uniformity, we can completely match black and white to mark even more the spirits. The idea of ​​the checkerboard is very contemporary. As for square dishes in flashy colors, they have no equal in a designer interior. Refreshing colors that add pep to the plate as much as to the hearts. Large rectangular plates are recommended for tasting refined dishes. They will inevitably find their place on the Christmas table and on other special occasions. For careful plate service, we do not forget to offer a good vintage in appropriate glasses, of absolute brilliance. Very aesthetic, the plates, saucers, sauciers and ramekins in the shape of a leaf, comma, flower or heart are of a delicacy full of charm. They play the card of perfection for a romantic dinner. During a sushi tasting with friends, the square slate with a straight edge is absolutely essential and to vary the visual and taste pleasures, the small rectangular slate is ideal for enjoying homemade delicacies at tea time or in the evening. 'a brioche still hot for breakfast.

Tableware and patterns in tune with the times

If the Fragonard service knew its hour of glory, today we prefer the more stylized patterns. The stores specializing in tableware regularly release contemporary collections with sometimes extravagant, sometimes discreet patterns. Why not buy dishes covered with graffiti or signatures? In the same spirit, Salt & Pepper - Australian brand - and its Pasta collection dedicates plates and dishes to pasta. Dishes that will find their place in a loft atmosphere. In the trend, the Incidence brand offers its collection Escale en ville, cheerful and absolutely crunchy: plates and saucers, serving tray, mugs, espresso cups and placemats. The shopping bag is no exception to the rule. And to highlight this original tableware, nothing like opting for assorted presentation plates. In option, porcelain, glass or slate, red, black, or white, or any other color, the very large presentation plate is essential for a successful table.