Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid After the Holidays

Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid After the Holidays

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When the end of year celebrations have passed and the festive atmosphere is already only a memory, it remains to restore the house or apartment. It's time to tackle the big house cleaning, the storage of party dishes and serving dishes that we only take out on occasion. Of course, we are getting down to dismantling the Christmas decor, both outside and inside, because there is no question of keeping it all year round. To find the best time, you might as well trust the tradition.

Error N ° 1: Keep the decorations on the windows

The children have thrown themselves into the decoration of all the windows of the house, from the basement to the first floor. The cleaning operation promises to last a certain time, artificial snow being reputed to be tenacious. However, we will have to do it because there is no question of keeping the decorated windows until next Christmas. The razor blade is still the best method to take off artificial snow, provided you do not wet it before. The operation is delicate since care must be taken not to scratch the tiles. We can use a safer way, namely a scraper suitable for induction hobs and take his pain patiently. Another solution is to thoroughly soak the decorations in artificial snow with absorbent paper and window cleaner. Once moistened, the artificial snow dissociates. It therefore remains to clean the tiles according to the usual method. Next time, why not decorate windows, mirrors, ceramics and other smooth surfaces with windows colors, repositionable paints for windows that come off very easily.

Mistake # 2: Storing decorations without cleaning them

This is a big mistake because Christmas decorations get dirty easily. In order not to find them sticky, tired and ultimately irrecoverable on the occasion of the next Christmas party, it is essential to take the time to clean them carefully before storing them. A meticulous operation because the Christmas decorations are, for the most part, extremely fragile. Once they have regained their magical appearance, it only remains to wrap them in bubble wrap and store them in labeled boxes, away from moisture, cold and dust.

Mistake N ° 3: Keep your Christmas decor all year round

The Christmas decoration must be reserved for the occasion. No question of leaving it on the pretext that everything will already be ready for the next holiday season. However, we often see Santa Claus still hanging on roofs, windows or balconies when the scorching temperatures are raging!

Mistake # 4: Keeping your tree until Candlemas or more

Christmas is a traditional holiday and it would be a shame not to keep its unique character which contributes so much to the magic shared by young and old. It is therefore in good taste to respect tradition. This wants us to set up the Christmas tree on December 24 and keep it until the twelfth night following the Epiphany.