How far from the ground should a switch be installed? What about an outlet?

How far from the ground should a switch be installed? What about an outlet?

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Answer: between 0.90 m and 1.30 for a switch, from 5 cm to 12 cm for a power outlet (1 m outdoors).

According to the standards in force, the switches must be placed between 0.90 m and 1.30 m from the ground according to your personal convenience, but this may be less to facilitate accessibility for a disabled person for example. For power sockets, this varies depending on the intensity of the current. Thus a socket outlet of 16 A to 20 A will be placed at least 5 cm from the ground, while a socket of 32 A must be at a minimum height of 12 cm. For external sockets, the height rises to 1 m from the ground. Important point: each time it is a question of "finished ground", once the covering has been laid, not the height of the mortar screed or the support. You can easily check the conformity of the installation using a meter. Changing an electrical outlet Our practical DIY videos


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