How do you build a terrace?

How do you build a terrace?

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All homeowners dream of making the most of their garden, having a family lunch or basking in the sun. For this, nothing like a terrace! What are the steps to build your own terrace? Find more articles on the theme: Quotation for exterior landscaping

Planning, the key to success

As with any extension of property, it is necessary to inquire with the local authorities to ensure that you have the right to build your terrace and check local legislation: should you keep a minimum distance between the terrace and the garden of your neighbors, what height of terrace can you claim? Do you want to build a wooden or cement, stone terrace with slabs? It all depends on your tastes and your budget. Also be sure to choose the right location for your terrace, and take into account the sunshine and the direction of the wind, possible flows ... Do not hesitate to meet different specialists to properly assess what options are available to you. The maintenance of your terrace will depend in particular on the materials you have chosen and the climate of the region in which you live.

Solid foundations

The foundations are the bases of your terrace and you must take special care, especially if your garden is sloping. For digging foundations, it is recommended to dig ideally at a depth of 30 centimeters and thus take into account the different layers that will make up your terrace (pebble, sole and coating). The foundations will be delimited by wooden planks where you can pour concrete or sand, depending on the materials you have chosen. Note that it is possible to mount wooden foundations, on studs, for a terrace in the same material. Please note, the terrace should be tilted slightly (around 1.5%) to allow rainwater to flow and thus avoid stagnant pools.

A coating to your taste

Once the foundations are dry and ready, you can cover your terrace. If you have opted for slabs or stones, you can stick them directly on your concrete foundations or on a layer of intermediate cement that you have previously applied. The installation of wooden slats must be done on wooden planks called joists or joists, placed on concrete studs. When laying, it should not be forgotten that wood is a living material, which can easily expand. It is therefore important to space the boards slightly. Easy to assemble, the studs and the wooden terrace are particularly recommended if you are a DIY beginner. All you have to do is enjoy your terrace!


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