3 favorites of upcycling

3 favorites of upcycling

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Ecology has become a real creative engine for the home. Also, some brands specialize in upcycling, a way of recycling by giving a better life to the base material. Here are three favorite brands to discover.

727 Sailbags and recycled sails

When boat lovers decide to look into the recycling of sails, this gives a decorative mark that transforms them into seated ottomans and other fashion accessories. The brand thus recovers and recycles the sails of end-of-life boats, which makes each creation a unique product, which comes with an authentication sheet that traces the history of the sails used. Enough to offer you an object with a real story.

Trendy Tub and decorative barrels

To create designer and eco-responsible furniture, the Trendy Tub brand had the funny idea of ​​recovering barrels from the industry to use it as raw material. As a result, the Trendy Tub becomes a small seat decorated with wallpaper or original creations by artists who also transform into storage boxes or side tables. A real upcycling approach or industrial waste becomes better quality objects.

Mahatsara and the braided telephone wires

In Africa, the art of braiding does not date from today but to bring it up to date, Mahatsara had the idea of ​​using telephone wires to create baskets and other storage spaces that combine tradition and modernity . The industrial telephone wire then becomes an object that is both practical and aesthetic. Our practical decoration recovery videos