Trend: the marriage of materials

Trend: the marriage of materials

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Today, the trend is to mix styles! We no longer hesitate to give several influences to the decoration of a room but also to play with the different materials to give character to the decoration. As a result, the marriage of materials in furniture is a trend to follow closely.

A trend inspired by the Scandinavian style

In the house, the mixture of materials made a splashing entry thanks to the Scandinavian style, always very trendy in our interiors. Indeed, this decorative style does not hesitate to mix white plastic materials with light wood in order to give it an extra soul and bring warmth to the house. It was enough for this decorative tip to extend to all styles! Not only does this allow you to play with the decor and give it more character, but you can also personalize your interior thanks to daring combinations.

The best associations

If white plastic and wood have demonstrated the success of their marriage, other associations are not without interest. You can for example combine wood with glass for a mixture that is both elegant and raw that works as well for furniture as tableware. Wood marries in a classic way with fabric and this is how we see fabric sofas with wooden legs visible in the 50's style. For a more industrial atmosphere, we can turn to raw wood to combine to a metal structure which gives the "factory" tone. As for the metal, it will skilfully marry with the mirror for a design style that does not lack character. Discover accessories that combine materials with style: Our practical teenage bedroom videos