How to evacuate the condensation of a Canadian well?

How to evacuate the condensation of a Canadian well?

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Answer: favor the exterior conduits with smooth internal walls and install them on a very gentle slope (2 to 3%). The installation of a siphon or a manhole may also be necessary.

The fight against condensation begins with the construction of the Canadian well. Pipes with a smooth internal wall and installed at a slope of 2 to 3%, will in no way prevent the condensation of air, a phenomenon that occurs naturally when the air is heated or cooled. But they will on the other hand avoid the stagnation of the water produced by this condensation. The water will thus be directed to the lowest point of the Canadian well. It will only remain to recover it. Two scenarios are then possible. Either your accommodation has a basement: this is where you will find the lowest point of your tour. Installing a siphon will then allow you to evacuate the condensation to the wastewater network. Either your accommodation has no basement: the lowest point is outside, just before the circuit enters the house. A manhole must be installed at this location to allow you to easily remove the condensation. Installing a window seal Our practical DIY videos


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