3 ideas for a decor inspired by Fashion Week

3 ideas for a decor inspired by Fashion Week

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Notice to all fashionistas: New York has just opened the Fashion Week season. The opportunity for the house to put fashion in the spotlight with a few well-chosen decorative accessories. Parade of ideas for a decor inspired by Fashion Week!

A sewing mannequin in decoration

Behind the scenes of the best fashion shows, the dressmakers are busy around the models. But before dressing the women, the creations go through the sewing mannequin! A decorative accessory that can be adopted at home to give a fashionable atmosphere to a bedroom or entry. It will be practical to put down a jacket when you come home or simply to install a few collars.

High heels

Fashion Week is generally a parade of beautiful shoes, whether on the catwalk or on the side of fashion-loving spectators. At home, why not install your most beautiful pair of pumps under a glass globe? And for a touch of glamor in the decor, we everywhere distill some decorative accessories in the shape of a shoe. A tape dispenser on the desk, a door stopper in the entrance and an original armchair in the bedroom ... All in the shape of a pump!

A star mirror

Finally, because the parades require many hours of preparation for the models and the essential stars who attend the show, nothing like a mirror with a backlight to make a make-up pro. Ideal in the bathroom or above a dresser which will then serve as a dressing table! Our practical decoration videos


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