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Video: write in relief

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To personalize your cards and give them an original touch, Juliette Launois suggests that you learn to write in relief using the embossing method. In a few minutes, you will get a nice effect.

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Writing in relief: from pencil to marker

To write in relief, you will need an embossing felt with two tips, a large and a fine. If you work on a small card, favor the fine tip. Start by writing in pencil on your card, then iron over the text using the embossing felt. Try not to waste too much time, because the felt ink dries very quickly. Then put the embossing powder on your writing, the color you like, then remove the excess by erasing it, shaking it or blowing it.

Embossed writing: the magic of the pistol

After preparing your card with felt and gum, you can now use the embossing gun to inflate your dough. Do not get too close, it could burn the paper. Also be careful not to touch the tip of the gun, as it is very hot. After a few seconds, you get an embossed writing that feels good to the touch. Be aware that you can also use the technique of embossing with writing pads or stamps with small drawings. With Juliette Launois, give relief to your gifts! Watch the video Write in relief on Produced by Minute Facile.


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