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A little vintage air blows on Sixteen, this chair with a 60's spirit. In addition to its pop colors, Sixteen has been imagined in all roundness and can be composed as desired, thanks to 4 seat colors and 4 types of legs. It fits perfectly into the retro trend and is ideal for twisting and giving style to a contemporary interior.

Sixteen: the spirit of the 60's

In addition to its rounded one-piece polypropylene shell, characteristic of the 1960s, Sixteen maintains and modernizes the design codes of the sixties. Available in 4 pop and trendy colors: white, black, beige and orange, whether metal or wood, this is a chair that lives up to its name. And the "more" decoration? A cushion filled with polyether foam, which guarantees a very comfortable seat.

Sixteen: a chair that looks like you

Made of polypropylene, Sixteen can be composed as desired since shells and feet are sold separately. You can therefore personalize your chair from 4 seat colors and 4 different types of legs. Designed in birch plywood, the proposed feet offer 2 finishes: white lacquered or black lacquered. You can also choose the oak veneer option, oiled finish, or prefer the chrome steel version. As comfortable in the dining room around a large light wooden table, that as a designer office chair, Sixteen fits perfectly into all living spaces, all you have to do is choose yours!

"Bonus tip:"

You can also surf the trend by mixing the different types of seats and legs, to create mismatched but stylish Sixteen, guaranteed decor effect!

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