Is the wallpaper washable?

Is the wallpaper washable?

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Answer: yes, but not all!

There is washable wallpaper, but not all wallpapers are. To be sure, just check on the packaging of the rollers, it is always indicated. This information tells you about the level of resistance of the wallpaper to cleaning. We list four distinct levels: the sponge wallpaper (which you can clean by dabbing it lightly with a sponge not too wet), the washable wallpaper (you can rub with a sponge soaked in water occasionally), the wallpaper washable (you can use a sponge as for washable and even add a little non-aggressive detergent), and finally the brushable wallpaper (which can withstand brush cleaning with non-aggressive detergent). video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos


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