What colors should you choose for a holiday-inspired decor?

What colors should you choose for a holiday-inspired decor?

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For a holiday-inspired decoration, visualize the universe that best suits you. Ideally choose the colors according to your desires. You can thus create a summer atmosphere all year round in your interior. By the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains, imagine a decoration that transports you to a dream world, without leaving your home.

A seaside decoration

Rejuvenate around bright and refreshing blues. In your interior, find your vacation memories. Dressed in blue, the decoration takes on the appearance of a house by the sea. Like a house in the sand, it lights up around indigo blue walls and driftwood furniture. Compose the seaside style around this cabin spirit with decorative elements in harmony with the environment. The coffee table and the mirror are distinguished by a structure in bleached driftwood while the fabric for the armchair and the sofa contrasts with its lively bluish colors. A dresser dressed in colors oscillating between blue, green and brown is accompanied by small decorative objects inhabited by this maritime universe. The light blue walls, the azure carpet and the natural gray fabrics plunge your interior into a world of creativity between sky and sea.

An interior under the sign of the countryside

For all lovers of greenery, large spaces and tranquility, adopt the country house style in your interior. Rediscover the sweet life of the countryside. In shades of green and blue, your decoration is transformed into a true haven of peace between country inspiration and cozy interior. Warm and friendly, the country house spirit seduces with its soft tones and materials. In a tender and intense style, see life in green. The furniture takes on color to energize the decoration. In turquoise, greyed blue, anise green or white, the furniture is imagined in original and tart colors. Around the fireplace, position an armchair in white linen then harmonize the whole with a table with an aged look in the color of your choice: blue, green or white. A countryside decoration is inspired by nature, do not hesitate to praise it by inviting flowers on your bed linen. This rustic note will soften your interior. Then add a bench, reminiscent of a timeless style of yesteryear. Its ivory paint and natural linen color evoke nature in its simplicity.

"Home, sweet home" in the mountains

In a chalet spirit, authentic and traditional, imagine an intimate and warm atmosphere. For furniture, warm material like wood can be perfectly combined with colors like red and white. In shades of red, green or white, goat skin or fur for armchairs and stools, the chalet aspect immediately warms the atmosphere. So, play on the associations of bright colors and materials to bring a little Megève into your interior.


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