Video: bloom an orchid

Video: bloom an orchid

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The orchid is a highly symbolic flower since it represents luxury, passion, but above all absolute beauty. Some even say that she embodies the myth of the ideal woman. Beyond that, it remains a magnificent flower appreciated by all. On the other hand, few people know that it is possible to make it bloom again thanks to a good size. Christian Morel, florist, explains the procedure to follow, on video!

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The size of the orchid

Once the flowers of your orchid are gone, it is necessary to cut the stems at the base of the leaves. To do this, use a pruning shears that you have previously disinfected so as not to carry any disease. Then limit watering and wait for the flower to fall into a dormant state. That is, the leaves will turn pale and sag, until they touch the edges of the pot.

The new flower

The goal is then to monitor the appearance of a small branching at the level of the collar. It is not a root, it is a stem which will give a flower thereafter. As soon as you see it appear, it is essential to resume regular watering at the rate of one shot glass per week. You can also add a little orchid fertilizer. Over the weeks, the stem will grow. Don't hesitate to get her a tutor so that she doesn't break. You just have to place the flower in a bright place, but especially not in full sun. Now you know how to maintain an orchid but above all to make it bloom again. So you can make the most of it and keep the most beautiful flower at home throughout the year! Find Reviving an orchid on Produced by Minute Facile.