Heat: mistakes to avoid in the house

Heat: mistakes to avoid in the house

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The summer heat is appreciable except when it becomes too much in the house and it is then difficult to sleep well. From the first heat, it is therefore important to choose the right actions that will protect you from the high temperatures inside. Here are some mistakes to avoid to enjoy a cool home.

Don't keep windows open

Contrary to popular belief, when it's really hot you have to close the windows! Indeed, if it is good to open your windows when the outside air is a little cool or there is a little breeze, when the mercury is too high and the air suffocating you must at all costs avoid that heat never settles inside. During the day, we close the windows and take care to open them only when the temperature is lower: early in the morning or in the evening. Of course, the night is ideal for leaving the windows open.

Don't let the light in

Also note that even if your windows are closed, the sun beating on the windows quickly increases the indoor temperature! We then protect ourselves from the rays by obscuring the windows. You can do this with window blinds, Venetian blinds, shutters or even simply close the shutters. But be aware that the blinds will allow you to modulate the light while with the shutters closed, you will quickly find yourself in the dark.

Don't neglect ventilation

To cool the air, fans, air conditioning and other foggers are required! The fans will be a safe bet to bring some fresh air into your room when it is too stuffy and they have the advantage of being inexpensive. More expensive, air conditioning will be the most comfortable solution: you will not suffer from heat because an ideal temperature will be maintained at all times. Finally, to cool off, you can bet on a fogger (which will spray mist water). Note that there are also small tips: you can for example place a damp cloth in front of a fan to cool the air in a traditional way.

Don't keep your decor

To give an impression of freshness in your interior, decoration also plays an important role! Avoid heavy and warm materials that are particularly appreciated in winter. Set aside velvet curtains or shaggy carpets in favor of lighter materials such as linen or natural, for carpets. The light colors can also bring a touch of freshness. For example, choose a white / blue or white / green combination.

Don't turn up the heat

Finally, be careful not to increase the temperature of your interior! For this, we prefer to turn off the light which gives a warmer feeling. We turn off the electronic devices that heat up without realizing it like computers or televisions. And above all, we avoid cooking in the oven or simmering dishes!