Focus on woven vinyl

Focus on woven vinyl

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Aesthetic, resistant and easy to maintain, woven vinyl has everything to seduce! A material with many properties that is enjoyed in all rooms of the house.

What is woven vinyl?

It is the marriage of practicality and delicacy. Vinyl, whose resistance and ease of maintenance have largely proven themselves over the years, was sometimes shunned for its lack of aesthetics. By combining it with weaving technology, manufacturers now allow the product to retain all of its technical properties, plus elegance. The feel of textiles to the touch and the benefits of vinyl.

Advanced technology

The process involves weaving vinyl, a plastic material composed of salt and petroleum derivatives to which polyester is added, just as you would with a conventional fabric or carpet. The strands of vinyl are woven one by one. The material is then heated to high temperature for optimal resistance.

Qualities to spare

If its trendy and design spirit is attracting more and more the world of decoration, woven vinyl is also seen to be praised for its qualities. And there are many! First, vinyl is renowned for its ease of installation, which requires little or no knowledge of the subject, and therefore accessible to all. The other great quality undoubtedly remains its legendary resistance which earned it the scoop for rooms with large passages such as the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom or even the hallway. Rooms in which it will shine with its non-slip, rot-proof and waterproof properties. Finally, it is easy to clean, a little water added with detergent is enough to restore its luster.

From the ground to the ceiling

Long reserved for floor coverings, PVC rises with woven vinyl. If the material is still very widely acclaimed to cover surfaces, it is also widely used to create table mats, but also furnishing fabrics, movable curtains such as Japanese panels for example. The woven vinyl, both flexible and thin, it does not exceed 3 mm thick, also pleases for its appearance which reminds us of that of textile. He plays the mimicry card to the full by adorning himself with colors and patterns like fine stripes or chevrons. An innovative material that creates surprise and imagines a very designer interior.

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Antistatic, woven vinyl is also a solution for allergy sufferers. Indeed, the material does not retain dust, the development of mites is limited.