Color code tutti frutti

Color code tutti frutti

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Mango ice cream, red fruit gazpacho, orange / kiwi smoothie: in summer, the colors that lead the dance are fruity! Deciphering of this fresh and vitamin-rich color chart.

Yellow lemon

In the kitchen, we rarely never put more than one lemon zest in a recipe. In decoration, it's the same! Lemon yellow, we like it in small doses - on a vase, on a cushion, on a veil - to awaken the good mood of a room. And if you are really a fan of this color, you can always repaint a door or a section of wall with it to make the decor sparkle, but no more!

Papaya orange

Apricots, nectarines, papayas and melons share the limelight in the "fruity orange" color palette. What do these shades, neither too light nor too tonic, have in common? Bring both dynamism and softness to the interior. The ideal happy medium! To know that they are particularly popular in the kitchen and in the dining room because they would have the faculty to whet our appetite…

Red cherry

A summer without cherries is no longer a summer. But in the decoration, it is with caution that we use its dark red color. More suitable for decorative accessories than a total look at the risk of darkening a room, this shade nevertheless has the audacity to give character and a glamorous side to the house. It is still necessary to associate it with lighter and brighter colors like white or pale pink to succeed the bet.

Raspberry pink

The color of gluttony, raspberry pink is exhibited as much in the kitchen as in little girls' bedrooms, and more generally interferes in any room wanting to embody a feminine universe. Freshness and cheerfulness are its watchwords: the perfect combination for those who see life in pink!

Kiwi green

Tonic and tangy, kiwi green, like lemon yellow, boosts and awakens the senses of our home sweet home. Also, it is preferably chosen on accessories (crockery, place mats, lamp, carpet ...) than on large furniture, and rather on a wall panel than on the 4 facades of a room.