An office in the living room: instructions

An office in the living room: instructions

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Are you sorely lacking in space to set up your office in a dedicated room? Do not panic, the living room is a perfect place to install computer and various files. Some rules are however to be respected in order to be able to work, create and reflect in serenity when one is in permanent contact with the rest of the household; It is all a question of planning and common sense. Follow the guide !

Choose suitable furniture

For a discreet and practical office area, exit the imposing and mismatched furniture! Choose a nice tray installed on trestles (a host of different sizes and materials available at Ikea) or a small model, to which you will add pretty shelves on the adjoining wall. Also remember to coordinate your office with the rest of the room (design for a contemporary interior, raw wood for an eco-friendly decor…). We opt for a matching office chair, 2 or 3 colors maximum for the set and voila. The more your office will be in harmony with the living room, the more the space will be visually cluttered!

For more privacy

If you want to delimit the office from the rest of the room, do not hesitate to define the spaces using Japanese panels or a screen. The office in a closet or an alcove can also be an attractive option for privatizing your workspace. However, whatever configuration you choose, your office should always remain tidy so as not to clutter your main room!


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