Sunflower yellow decorative palette

Sunflower yellow decorative palette

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Borrowed from the fields of sunflowers seen on the holiday road, the yellow color made its star in the decorative swatch at the end of summer. The point on this shade always oriented towards the sun which makes the house shine even beyond the beautiful days.

In the kitchen, in the living room

Warm color, sunflower yellow is particularly appreciated in the kitchen or in the living room, flagship pieces of warm atmospheres in which sharing and conviviality are in the spotlight. The living room is in fact the space where you receive your family and friends, the kitchen is where you simmer dishes for several, but also more and more, a space open to the living room and combining double kitchen and dining function. What good reasons to brighten them up with a yellow decor, in total look or in small touches, on a wall panel or on some decorative accessories, or both!

In the teenage bedroom

The other universe of the house that pampers the color yellow? That of adolescents! Great fans of pop or urban styles, this shade ideally boosts the decor of their bedroom or bathroom, if they have one. It is the good-looking face hidden from their rebellious side! Good to know: sunflower yellow goes perfectly with an apple green hue to accentuate the desire for pop attitude (50% yellow, 50% green), while for an industrial / urban atmosphere, it is used on a small scale dose. For example, a stripe traced on the ground ideally awakens a very gray decor, accompanied why not, with some bright red notes. Traffic and construction signs in support!


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