Purity and elegance of white

Purity and elegance of white

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Years after years, white continues to shine in our interiors and this in all decorative styles. White is undoubtedly the timeless color of the decor with which we do not take any risks. Zoom on the purity and elegance of white.

Why choose white in the house?

White is above all a color (or rather a value) which has an incredible power in terms of brightness because it reflects all the light rays that it captures. Symbolically, it is the color of purity and peace or other symbols that are always very positive. In the house, it gives an impression of cleanliness, light and above all, you get a lot less weary of white than other brighter colors.

How to use white in decoration?

White is easily used in decoration and in all styles. It will for example be ideal for on the walls to bring a classic touch to an interior or to highlight a very beautiful darker parquet. We will also appreciate it in a more design register where the walls can be accompanied by white furniture. It inevitably finds its place in your interior especially on the ceiling where it is the queen color! Then, note that the white furniture asserts a very contemporary spirit by offering a refined style to the tables, chairs and bookcases that it adorns. It will also bring a lot of elegance to the side of decorative objects. We can choose a white lampshade to diffuse a beautiful light, a white vase to highlight the flowers or white plaids and cushions in fur for example for a very cocooning spirit. It's up to you to combine white accessories with your decor style to bring light and elegance into your interior.


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