How to paint wenge plywood furniture for an aged gray effect?

How to paint wenge plywood furniture for an aged gray effect?

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Sarah's question


Answer: sand and whitewash

Hello Sarah, before repainting your plywood furniture, consider dismantling the doors and the handles to make your work easier. Then sand the furniture with coarse sandpaper to break the protection or varnish and reduce the dark color of the wenge. To whitewash your furniture and give it an aged appearance, you will apply a gray effect shade, available in large DIY stores, then scratch with steel wool. Finally, you will dust the furniture and using cotton wool, apply the white wax to whitewash in small touches. Once these operations are completed, reassemble the doors and handles, polish and you will get your gray aged furniture! They will all have different colored shades because the white lead never gives a homogeneous and uniform finish, this is what gives it cachet. You too, send us your decoration question


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