What is a truss structure?

What is a truss structure?

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What is a truss structure?

The truss structure, also known as american frame (it appeared in France in the 70s, imported from the country of Uncle Sam), is an industrial frame made of wood or wood derivatives.

Its specificity compared to a traditional frame? The roofing farmhouse is more economical in materials! Indeed, a truss structure is never made with solid wood, but with light pieces of wood (trusses, hence the name "truss truss", or sometimes "firm truss") very close together and connected to each other thanks to metal connectors. Once assembled, these farms form a solid and resistant unit, but using less material than for a conventional frame.

The advantages of the truss structure: economical and solid

Currently in France, more than 50% of the frames are firm frames : since the 1970s, the success of this type of roof can't be denied! The reasons for this craze are numerous, since the truss structure has many advantages. It is indeed:

  • Economical, since the American frame is made with inexpensive wood, and less wood than a conventional frame.
  • Light, thanks to the use of thin wood. Suddenly, the truss structure is very easy and very quick to install (which obviously involves an advantageous installation cost!).
  • Strong and durable over time due to the network of farms that compose it.

In short, the truss structure is THE frame that offers excellent value for money in the world of roofing.

What are the drawbacks of a truss roof?

Although it has very interesting advantages, you should know that the American frame also has some disadvantages that it is good to have in mind before opting for this type of roofing.
The first significant defect of the truss structureis that the small space remaining between the trusses and the metal connectors that compose it does not offer the possibility of arranging the underside of the roof. Beams cannot be accompanied by flat surfaces on which belongings can be stored. The frame can then be dressed only by a light plaster ceiling, and it is very difficult to create attic or habitable attic in a small frame.

In addition, but this is an inherent problem with wooden frames, the truss structure is very sensitive to humidity. In fact, to ensure the sustainability of an American frame, the humidity level must not exceed 22%. Better to avoid putting it on a rainy day ...

What budget do you need for a truss structure?

If it takes about 100 € per square meter for a traditional frame, you have to plan an average budget of around 60 € / m² for the farmhouse frame, that is to say great savings.

Especially in construction, the development of the attic of a house often requires a fairly high budget. If you do not want to use the space under your roof to build a new room or as simple storage space, and in addition your budget is limited, the truss structure is the model of frame you need !