What is a stacked solid wood construction?

What is a stacked solid wood construction?

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Answer: a chalet-style construction technique.

A stacked solid wood construction is one of the four wooden construction techniques with the wooden frame, the beam posts and the solid wood panels. It is the oldest technique. It is mainly used in mountainous regions to build chalets. This technique consists of mounting solid wood walls by stacking pieces of wood horizontally. These pieces of wood are not always the same. You can use the flat plank which will give you a rectangular finish, the half round plank which will give the building a more rustic appearance, or the log which is most used for chalets. Solid stacked wood constructions offer several advantages. Wood retains and releases heat. In addition, it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Wood is a noble material that gives charm to any building. This type of construction is quick to perform. You too, send us your DIY question.


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