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. NDG brand micro sewage treatment plant for treating wastewater from their new home it is a very space-saving ecological product. We have thus helped to preserve the land of the Potier family. We put a control box inside the house, which supervises and controls the proper functioning of the station. The Potier family can be assured of an installation planned for duration in time. H2o infinity (NDG water micro station distributor) 105 rue louis Breguet 62100 Calais Tel: 03 21 96 22 44 port: 06 32 59 70 00 Website: www.h2o-infinity.com link to the manufacturer's website: NDG eau: www.ndgeau.com

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. "Bel'm, French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. On this show, Bel'm presents a custom made composite set , around a double leaf wooden entry door MONTMARTRE : A timeless semi-glazed door in aluminum cast lace. This front door incorporates an opening frame, which allows the ventilation of the house in complete safety, the maintenance of the grille and the cleaning of the glazing. The compound set is a solution to aesthetically integrate your door as in a case and transform a barn door into a majestic reception airlock. On this site, the front door is framed by 2 fixed glass parts, called fixed when sleeping and a glass fanlight for maximum light for very comfortable living areas. The glazed parts ensure a level of security by its qualities of burglar-retardant (class 2). This door in anthracite gray (RAL 7016) brings modernity to the house and enhances the heritage property of the owners. BEL'M Find all of our products on www.belm.fr The site was laid by our customer Techni Murs 45 Mr Anthony COUETTE - Ingre (45140) - Tel. : 02 38 43 45 45 Mail: [email protected] Custom windows The supply of exterior openings, windows and doors in PVC, comes from a French manufacturer. They are all made to measure, and perfectly meet the technical standards in force, both in terms of insulating double glazing and thermal performance linked to the requirements of modern constructions. Another advantage, and not the least: the reactivity of the production site which allows quality manufacturing, in a very short time in order to quickly have joinery on site. WINDOW DESTOCK //www.destock-fenetre.fr/ Telephone: Contact email: [email protected]