Where can I connect the water outlet of my dual flow VMC?

Where can I connect the water outlet of my dual flow VMC?

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Answer: it is necessary to connect the double-flow VMC to the waste water evacuation network halfway between the wet rooms and the air inlets.

With the double flow system, it is necessary to provide a water evacuation mechanism for condensation. Indeed, a double flow CMV tends to cause condensation, and therefore the formation of water in the ductwork of the network, when the hot air (from the kitchen and the bathroom) meets the fresh air. coming from outside. This is why it is essential, not only to create (slight) slopes in the horizontal sections so that the water does not stagnate, but also to connect the double-flow CMV to the wastewater evacuation network of the home. The ideal is to make the connection to the wastewater discharge halfway between the wet rooms and the air inlets, but this may vary depending on the configuration of the housing. You too, send us your brico question


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