How to choose between a closed hearth and an insert?

How to choose between a closed hearth and an insert?

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Answer: for comparable performance, an insert is much cheaper than a closed fireplace when purchased.

An insert is fitted into the hearth of an existing open fireplace, in order to increase its efficiency. The closed hearth fireplace is fitted with a glass pane or a door to close the hearth. Both types greatly improve, and in the same proportions, the performance of an open chimney. Therefore, this is not the main criterion, the two devices being as efficient as each other for heating. No, the difference concerns your installation. You cannot transform an open fireplace into a closed fireplace, you must either install an insert or replace the fireplace. In addition, an insert costs much less to buy and install. It will be above all the economic criterion which will take precedence in your final decision. Note: the insert, like the closed fireplace, gives you the right to a tax credit. You too, send us your brico question


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