Can I paint exterior tiles?

Can I paint exterior tiles?

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Answer: yes, by passing at least two coats of special paint after having prepared the support well.

Of course, you can paint exterior tiles. This requires the use of special paint designed for this purpose, available in major DIY stores. And it is especially important to prepare the support, the tiling and its joints must be dry and in good condition, before being painted. Otherwise, repair it with putty. We do not paint an exterior tile to hide its faults! Before painting the tiles, you will need to clean and thoroughly wash them (with a high pressure cleaner for example) using a dedicated detergent. Allow the tile to dry, then apply a bonding primer to facilitate adhesion of the tile. Apply a minimum of two coats of paint, respecting the recovery times. And above all, of course, work in good weather. Cover the surface in bad weather. You too, send us your brico question


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