How do I get the floor tiles to be straight?

How do I get the floor tiles to be straight?

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Answer: prepare the floor, trace and lay the tiling on the floor and adjust!

To install tiles on the floor and get the best results, follow the steps below. First, prepare the soil. The surface to be tiled must be flat, clean and dry. Remember to smooth it out in case of strong irregularities, and to vacuum with dust. Then, the floor must be traced from a right angle of the room, preferably from the door threshold to the back wall. To keep the layout, you can lay the tiles without gluing them. Then apply the glue to the floor and lay the tiles along the path, checking each time that you follow a straight line using a ruler for example. Adjust in case of error. To cut a tile that will be laid along the wall, remember to take into account the width of the joint. Finally, let the surface dry for at least 24 hours. You too, send us your brico question