Do I have to use a blowtorch for plumbing?

Do I have to use a blowtorch for plumbing?

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Answer: no, you can use glue or mixed fittings.

Absolutely not, there is seamless plumbing that does not require the use of a blowtorch. No need to solder it, you have to stick it. You can even connect this type of plumbing to conventional copper plumbing through the use of mixed fittings. This seamless plumbing uses synthetic materials, in particular superchlorinated PVC which is suitable for hot or cold water supplies. Superchlorinated PVC is resistant to heat, pressure and chemicals. That is why it is used. To install seamless plumbing, you will need the following tools: hacksaw, miter box, chamfer box, and of course special glue dedicated to sanitary plumbing. You too, send us your brico question


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