What color should you give with a pastel decor?

What color should you give with a pastel decor?

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For a sensual and modern decoration, prefer soft and powdery colors. In shades of lilac, blue or lime green, pastels soften your interior and invite contemplation. These tones harmonize perfectly with voluptuous lines and natural materials for a universe between romanticism and sensuality.

Harmonies of roses

In a romantic and feminine setting, opt for pink. It will decorate your walls with delicacy and refinement. Not only, it is invited on your walls but also on your household linen. This pastel color will ideally harmonize with the white of a dresser or wardrobe. To echo this tender and delicate color, display decorative objects in the same spirit. Play on shades of pink and give your interior a particularly pleasant spirit, composed of pink or purple cushions and decorative items ranging from soft pink to bright white. To play on the effect of surprise, choose the splendor of the golden color to dress your chairs and the ornamentation of the frame of a mirror for a unique and elegant decoration.

Cozy and intimate blues

In shades of blue, play on the harmony between blue, gray and lilac. These shades will help create a universe with subtle shades of light gray or cream. For the sofa, choose a light gray linen covering. For curtains, tune in shades of light gray and light blue. As for decorative items, opt for lilac. This color will bring a feminine touch to the room. Play on the pastel chords between lilac, soft blue and pearl gray. The combination of these colors gives the opportunity to set up a charming and cozy universe to enhance your interior.

Anise green inspired by nature

Bring nature into your interior with a decoration turned towards the anise green color both sober and elegant. Putting nature first, anise greens compose with chic tones like deep gray. Imagine this color on walls and home textiles. This combination of colors makes it possible to create a universe gathered around subtle and refined shades. Harmonize everything with a deployment of anise green and turquoise blue on the upholstery and you will get a bold and refreshing mixture between almond green, turquoise blue and anise green. All the variations of green will be combined to soften the decoration.


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