Ikéa launches its Textile Week

Ikéa launches its Textile Week

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Before the long-awaited fashion week of the new school year, a textile week, special decoration, is organized in Paris. And guess who is the creator? Ikea! Between September 10 and 15, the brand chose to distribute its new catalog in the form of an urban parade through the streets of the capital. An event not to be missed.

Fashion show, distribution of catalogs

After the announcement of a future hotel chain created by the group, Ikéa still arouses surprise at the start of the school year. This time, it is an animation around the new catalog 2012-2013, which will be distributed by ten hostesses parading in the streets of Paris from September 10 to 15. And since textiles and prints are the strong points of this back-to-school collection, even the ladies' outfits will be made from fabrics by the meter of Ikéa! As for styling, we owe it to the 10 winners of the contest "the creators of everyday life" organized last August by the brand. An exercise in style that should have its effect!

One neighborhood per day

Lack the final info: where is textile week? The answer: everywhere in Paris. Indeed, it has forged a path to the rhythm of the districts of the capital. Departure on Monday September 10 in the 5th, before tackling the 19th; Tuesday, 14th Wednesday, 15th Thursday, 13th Friday, before topping it all up in the 16th arrondissement on Saturday 15 September. For more details, discover the details of the route on: //www.facebook.com/ikea.france


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