Decorative trend: masking tape

Decorative trend: masking tape

For some time now, decoration stores have been offering funny colorful rolls: the masking tape! And if you use it for creative hobbies, it is also a great decorative asset to customize your home. What is that ? How to use it ? What's new ? We tell you everything about this addictive tape that offers you great decorative opportunities.

What is masking tape?

It is an adhesive tape that can be cut without scissors and on which you can write in felt-tip pen or pen. In fact, it is the same principle as the protective adhesive tape that we use for painting but in a much more decorative style since the masking tape is adorned with pretty colors and original patterns. This small decorative invention comes from a family business in Japan which produced painter's adhesive and who had the idea in 2006 to offer a decorative range. It is then a box in Japan where it is used for creative hobbies. In France, he arrived much later but still among scrapbooking addicts. However, it is emancipated today throughout the house. It is now the essential accessory for lovers of original and home made decor.

How to use the masking tape?

The masking tape can be used exactly as you want! It sticks in effect everywhere without damaging the surface on which it is installed. You can of course use it as an adhesive to paste your papers, display your postcards on the wall or any other wall decoration in an original way. It also finds its place on the jars of jam to write down what the jar contains for example. In a more original way, the masking tape will allow you to customize your home. You can create stripes on your walls, add a strip of color to a slightly sad piece of furniture, create a grid on a chair or write messages on the cupboards. On, you will even find a video to learn how to make a garland using this new generation adhesive. Anything is possible, the only limit is your imagination!

What's new for the masking tape?

This clever ribbon already exists in many colors and very varied patterns but the "MT" is preparing something new for the start of the school year! A new masking tape is installed exclusively at Fleux. This is a brand new model particularly intended for decorative effects in the house with wider widths than previously. The ribbon will now be 5cm, 10cm and 20 cm wide in 10m rolls (10, 20 and 40 euros). For the moment, the range consists of 20 colored models ranging from brick red to powder pink through sun yellow but also 20 decorative models with stripes, dots or other more original patterns. To celebrate the event, the masking tape is installed on the facade of the Fleux signs to give you ideas for very decorative customization. All you have to do is test this new model in your interior!