Once upon a time ... Tefal

Once upon a time ... Tefal

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Like many inventions, the first non-stick frying pan imagined by the creator of Tefal came about quite unexpectedly. The French company, which today produces 50 million culinary and household accessories per year, has come a long way since its creation. It has now been making life easier for the whole family for more than 60 years: culinary items but also cooking equipment, scales and childcare products, the Tefal catalog is extensive. Back on one of the most formidable French industrial sagas.

From project to reality

At the origin of Tefal stoves (union of the words "teflon" and "aluminum") there is a French engineer, Marc Grégoire, whose starting concern was ... fishing rods! It is indeed by seeking to perfect his leisure equipment that Marc Grégoire will have the idea of ​​applying a synthetic resin on their tube in order to facilitate demolding. Madame Grégoire, as a well-informed housewife, will suggest that she apply this miracle product on her stoves so that her omelets no longer stick. The first non-stick pan is born! After vainly looking for an industrialist ready to market his idea, Marc Grégoire decides to embark on the adventure on his own. The Tefal company was created in 1956 in Sarcelles, and the great industrial adventure began. Acquired by the SEB group 10 years after its creation, Tefal will gradually diversify by creating the household appliance activity now called “Electric Cooking”, with the first waffle crunch. Other products will follow and become Tefal best-sellers: the fondue set, the stone grill, the barbecue ... thus completing the concept invented by the brand of informal meals.

The advent of electronics

The 80s were going to be those of electronics for the French firm, which provided an original solution with products such as bathroom scales or highly accurate culinary scales. Tefal is nevertheless continuing to perfect its pans by launching in particular its new non-stick coating T-Plus, then a few years later the Thermospot concept (first integrated temperature indicator) and finally “Ingénio”: stoves that pile up thanks to a removable handle and a lid that adapts to all formats. The Tefal catalog today revolves around 5 universes: cooking, cookware, scales, baby care and drink breaks. The adventure is not ready to stop!


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