The first electric radiators

The first electric radiators

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Kerdesle & Dupont launches Equatio vr2® Black Power, the first generation of electric radiators. With vr2® technology, the range consists of five design models of different powers.

What are the main advantages of the Equatio vr2® Black Power radiator?

The Equatio vr2® Black Power radiator is a real innovation in the field of radiant heating. Indeed, it offers homogeneous heat from floor to ceiling thanks to the patented vr2® technology, the heating mode of which resembles that of the sun. Multidirectional, it emits heat from all sides. It heats faster than a convection radiator and does not cause any variation in humidity. It emits neither noise nor odor. It does not produce any displacement of dust because there is no mixing of air. Without ventilation and with closed resistances, the ambient air remains healthy, allergen-free, without feeling of drying. The new vr2® technology constitutes a real advance in terms of energy consumption, management and control of the diffused heat and requires almost no maintenance.

How does the Equatio vr2® Black Power electric radiator work?

Equatio vr2® Black Power electric radiators are characterized by a heat accumulator plate in refractory glass in which a resistance in silver paste is embedded. When energized, the plate radiates and transmits heat to a radiating plate, also made of glass, which diffuses it from all sides. A second foot resistance strengthens and maximizes the diffusion of heat by the principle of convection. Thanks to this system, the heat distribution, front and side, is smooth and uniform. The two glass elements favor the phenomenon of thermal inertia which makes it possible to take advantage of the heat even after the power supply has stopped.

Are Equatio vr2® Black Power radiant heaters economical?

Yes, because this uniform and homogeneous temperature can reduce the amount of energy required on average by 30% compared to convection heating. In addition, Equatio vr2® Black Power deploys 85% of its radiation power, the highest on the market. When stopped, its glass wall continues to heat for a long time, allowing energy savings with 2 to 3 ° less for an identical feeling of heat.

How is the Equatio vr2® radiation radiator adjusted?

Equatio vr2® electric radiators are fitted with a pilot wire thermostat with six orders. To meet all types of configuration and use, but also to allow residents to better manage their electricity consumption, Kerdesle & Dupont offers three management systems: a fixed and autonomous thermostat which sets the desired temperature, a fixed thermostat and autonomous 24-hour programmable, and a weekly three-zone wireless programmer that allows you to manage different zones in the house.

Are Equatio vr2® radiant electric heaters certified?

Equatio vr2® radiant electric heaters are certified NF Electricity Performance category C, a double standard which guarantees all safety standards and standards of fitness for the function of the device. In addition, there is a protection index, IP 24, which concerns the perfectly sealed radiator casing. The device, class II, complies with European Community safety directives for low voltage and electromagnetic accounting. Finally, this radiator contributes to obtaining the Promotelec label in new housing as well as in renovation.

Is the Equatio vr2® radiator available in several models?

The Equatio vr2® radiator is made of brushed steel and black tinted tempered glass and is available in 5 sizes and 8 different power models. Its shape is ultra compact and is available in cubic, square, elongated rectangular or cylindrical in column versions. It thus fits into any room in the house, including the smallest and nooks. Its thickness is 100 mm. The lengths vary from 450 to 900 mm and the heights from 600 to 1100 W. Prices start at € 1180 incl. To know more : Azure number: 0810 010 310 (price of a local call from a landline)


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