Choose a theme for the nursery

Choose a theme for the nursery

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Not easy to arrange baby's room nicely! On the children's decoration market, a thousand things prettier than the others are offered to you and in the end, you feel slightly lost ... Here are some tips and ideas to help you choose the ideal theme for your bedroom. your baby. In addition to the influence of your baby's gender on the choice of themes and colors used, the decor of his room can be approached from different angles. It's up to you to find the one that suits you best!

A flagship character

Choose a theme that depicts one or more small characters (known or not!). The animals are of course the friends of our little ones and you will therefore be spoiled for choice concerning the flagship character of his room: cow, giraffe, little bear, rabbit, sheep, jungle or farm animals ... You can then decline this little character on the bumper, the mobile, the lights and stickers on the walls.

Pattern sets

Favor a theme that plays above all on the patterns. Games with peas or retro stripes are for example very fashionable. The patterns linked to nature (flowers, leaves and butterflies ...) or to the stars (stars, moon, clouds ...) are very appreciated to create a soft and poetic atmosphere. These patterns will work perfectly on all the textiles in the bedroom as well as on the walls (curtains, cushions, bumper, decorative garlands, stickers)

Color harmonies for a style

Use color combinations to create a particular style. Ultra fun atmosphere with the association, on the walls, of very bright colors (apple green, pop orange and lemon yellow for example), classic atmosphere with harmonies of pastel colors (beige or taupe with blue or light pink for example )… To give you some ideas, here are declined, a little rabbit theme and a star motif theme: