What trends for new vinyl floors?

What trends for new vinyl floors?

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Often compared to linoleum, vinyl flooring has found its place in modern interiors. It adapts to all your decoration desires. Easy to install and modern, vinyl flooring is the ideal alternative to create a floor that meets your expectations. Its wide choice of colors, original patterns and imitations of materials makes this flooring a major asset in renovating your home. It also offers original decorative styles.

Intense and nuanced colors

The vinyl floor has a wide choice of colors to adapt to all decorative universes inside. Imagine the color that will best suit your interior and the vinyl floor will do the rest. With its palette of colors, achieve perfect agreements between pastel, medium or vibrant shades. So you can set up classic or modern atmospheres according to your desires. The plains, in this type of coating, brings relief to the room and develop the aesthetics of an interior. The proposed colors intensify the personality of a floor for a unique decoration. You can also play on the effects of materials with vinyl floors in shades of colors that will bring a granite, speckled effect or even polished concrete for an interior revisited and modernized.

Original patterns

With vinyl floors, you can imagine everything. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles offer a wide choice of patterns to demand the best in interior decoration. Modern and design, the vinyl floor is dressed in original and trendy patterns. In an industrial style office, choose a floor with design and modern patterns with reliefs for example in fairly raw gray tones. The vinyl floor fits perfectly into any room in the house, offering "pebble", "bubble" or "mosaic" effect floors for an original effect in the bathroom.

Material imitations

This floor covering has the possibility of imitating all materials for an incredible trompe l'oeil effect. For a warm world, opt for a vinyl imitation parquet floor. Different types of parquet are offered through this type of floor. You can experience the solid oak wood effect for example for an authentic appearance. On the other hand, for a more trendy effect, prefer vinyl flooring with concrete and mineral appearance. It will bring character to your interior while modernizing it. For easy installation, go to the self-adhesive vinyl tiles. Wood effect, textile or concrete, you can realize all the fantasies with this coating in order to create a universe which resembles you in all simplicity. Note that the vinyl floor will allow you to change the decor in the blink of an eye and much more economically than if you had to use a real parquet or concrete floor.