Home Care, a new label for furniture

Home Care, a new label for furniture

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Intended for furnishing products and directly affixed to furniture, Home Care is a new label which protects consumers in terms of safety and quality. A new stage is thus crossed.

Home Care, a guarantee of security

Mattresses, box springs, armchairs, sofas etc. are in direct contact with the body, with all that that implies health risks if the components are not rigorously guaranteed as being completely harmless. The Home Care label attests that beyond existing standards (which prohibit the use of certain chemical substances in European production), no illicit or harmful substance could have been used upstream by a supplier who could have obtained supplies in regions of the world where the rules could be less strict. With Home Care, it is therefore a proactive approach to protecting consumer health.

Home Care, maximum safety on raw materials

The priority of controls is given to raw materials because they are external sources of supply that are difficult for the consumer to control. Being at the origin of the life cycle of finished products, they can constitute a vector for the transmission of undesirable and dangerous substances. In priority, materials in direct skin contact with the consumer are checked, that is to say: - coverings: mattress ticking, mesh, microfiber, non-woven, leather, woven or printed upholstery fabrics, coated faux leather . - so-called "filling" products which are directly under the covering: polyester wadding, polyurethane foam, layer of latex, wool, cotton, silk etc. - wood: varnished, painted or stained - wooden elements: plywood panels, agglomerated wood, slatted slats etc. - bedding accessories sold separately such as pillows or mattress covers. These large families of materials represent more than 80% of the materials used in the manufacture of a mattress, an armchair or a sofa.

Home Care, an initiative of the Cauval group

The Home Care label was created on the initiative of the Cauval group, a French industrialist among the leaders in furniture in Europe (Steiner, Tréca, Simmons, Dunlopillo brands, etc.). The Cauval group has in fact decided to take an additional step in its work on product quality, by drawing up a charter to protect the health of the consumer and his environment. The Cauval group has long pursued a dynamic environmental policy, with the active participation of companies in programs linked to the Grenelle 2 laws.

An association to develop the Home Care label

Home Care, a true collective brand, will be supported by an association which will gradually integrate all those (people and companies, including other brands in the sector) who wish to develop and promote this action and who will adhere to the very demanding control charter put in place. . This association, which is currently being created in 2012, will also include influential players in the mass distribution, an expert mandated by the Ministry of the Environment as well as personalities from the world of research. This association will aim to help and / or encourage the development of all forms of action to improve or strengthen the quality of furniture from the point of view of safety, consumer health and the environment. It will also be responsible for informing the public about manufacturers, producers and importers using the best means to help prevent risks.

Home Care, a controlled and monitored label

The Home Care label is awarded by the association after the company's commitment. All suppliers of raw materials and components must therefore sign the specifications and commitment, and are checked one by one. These controls extend to future suppliers and they cannot be referenced if they do not comply with the same procedure. The control plan sets a minimum of 350 tests to be carried out. These tests are carried out randomly by the laboratory in charge of the procedure. In the event of a positive control, the supplier will be rejected until he again fulfills the necessary obligations. This control of the sanitary quality of the products is based on independent and accredited external organizations such as the Intertek laboratory.

A label gradually implemented

The Home Care label has been gradually applied (large format double-sided label) since March 2012 on all products manufactured by companies adhering to the charter. Very attached to the concepts of comfort, well-being and respect for the environment, Dunlopillo and Simmons naturally subscribed to the Home Care charter. Many distributors have received this label with interest, aware of the current need to pass on all possible reinsurance to the consumer. To know more : www.label-homecare.fr