Fairytale atmosphere in the child's room

Fairytale atmosphere in the child's room

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To make little girls dream, we offer them a room worthy of fairy tales where magical creatures settle on walls as well as bed linen. When the fairies invade the decor, the girls have stars in their eyes.

Fairies as decorative companions

To bring a magical atmosphere to the child's room, the fairies should be able to help you! The heroines of the tales but also of the imaginary creatures do not fail to inspire the decoration and thus find themselves populating the room through many stickers and decoration accessories. Also, to give a magical atmosphere, no need for a total charged look: we can simply bet on a few details that will bring magic. For example, put a fairy in stickers above the bed so that she stays up during the night or opt for fairy bed linen. Feel free to customize a piece of furniture with a sticker or sew a fabric fairy on a corner of the curtains.

The colors of a magical atmosphere

For a magical atmosphere, bet on colors that will recall the world of storytelling. Of course, pastel colors will be ideal as well in shades of blue, pink or green. If you want a room that can evolve over time, do not hesitate to marry a more neutral color to a colored section of wall or bring the color in with the accessories. Know that a pearl gray will be just as appreciated for its softness as a room in total pink look. Finally, to complete the atmosphere, do not hesitate to add some glitter for the magic effect. You will find decorative plasters to apply this finish to furniture or choose accessories such as a glitter light.